Anti-Graffiti Window Film

We offer a special clear film that we apply to the exterior of windows or glass surfaces to protect against graffiti and vandalism. Prevent vandals from painting, etching or scratching your glass directly and let our films do the protecting 24hrs Day 7 Days a Week. Stop spending large amounts of money to replace damaged glass with costly new glass. Start replacing our clear film instead for a fraction of the cost of glass replacement. Our films work great for a variety of applications like : glass, windows, bathrooms, glass display cases, road signs, elevators, escalators, bus stops/shelters, kiosks, phone booths, ticket booths, ATM machines, gas station pumps & much more! Warranty for Clear Exterior Anti-Graffiti Window Film is 2-4 Years. Also available in different levels of protection. No matter where the threat comes from our graffiti films can help you so you are prepared for the worst.

Save Money Versus Glass Replacement:

• Approximate Glass replacement costs- 1/8” Double Strength- $15sq/ft , 1/8” • Tempered- $25 sq/ft to ½” Safety Glass-$125 sq/ft

The cost to Replace Film is a huge savings at about 70% that of glass replacement. Yes, that is 1/3 that price meaning you can replace the film 3 Times for Every 1 Glass Replacement.

Anti-Graffiti Benefits:

• Protects glass & others surfaces 24hrs a Day
• Reduces damaging fading on your investments
• Increases Building & Personal Safety
• Easily replaced when vandalized for a fraction of the cost of new glass
• Provides a strong scratch resistant invisible hard coat for superior protection

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